Alchimie Forever

Alchimie Forever is a dermatologist-formulated, plant-based anti-aging skin care line from Switzerland.

Doctors Luigi and Barbara Polla, a world-renowned dermatologist, and a biomedical researcher focused on the development of anti-aging technologies, respectively, know how to rejuvenate skin and maintain its youthfulness.

As a couple, they opened Europe’s 1st medical spa. Their Alchimie Forever formulations stemmed from providing their patients with products that would ensure their skin healed quickly and regain its glow.

We can now all take advantage of their anti-aging wisdom from the comfort out our homes with their Alchimie Forever line.

If you’re looking to stay young, improve your skin, or even just feel the Swiss alps on your face every day, Alchimie Forever might just be what you’re looking for.

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