Hanz de Fuko

ALT. LOGO - LargeHanz de Fuko was founded in San Francisco in 2009 by three childhood friends seeking to create amazing products using natural and awesome ingredients that would allow men to get the look they wanted regardless of their hair type…and feel very handsome.HdF Sponge Wax

When we discovered Hanz de Fuko, we were floored by their amazing products.  Everyone here at Urban Cargo fought to get their hands on their water soluble, natural organic hair products, even those guys who tend to be wary of putting styling products in their hair for fear of things being too harsh.  HdF QuicksandQuick sand and Sponge Wax were among the most popular and versatile for us.

Their styling products Quicksand, Sponge Wax, Scheme Cream, Hybridized Wax, Modify Pomade, and Gel Triq can be used on their own or together to create your perfect signature style.  Start with their natural shampoo and conditioner for a clean slate before unleashing your creative hair prowess.



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