Ever wonder how celebrities always look so flawless? For many, it’s because of celebrity skincare and grooming brand Menaji.  Menaji has helped serious journalists like Tom Brokaw, cool versatile actors like Johnny Depp, rockers like Kid Rock, and even Presidents like Barack Obama look their best even under the harshest lights and that unforgiving HD.

Well, breathe a sigh of relief because Menaji is now available to us non-celebrities.  Their line of men’s skincare and grooming products has everything a guy needs to look his best whether he’s heading out to an interview, giving a killer presentation, or enjoying a hot date.

Some of our fav products include:


Face and Body Scrub: we love that it hits two body parts with one product, eliminating clutter in our shower. It’s fresh citrus scent, and subtle exfoliants gets rid of that dull layer of dry skin from head to toe.


911 Eye Gel: Had a rough night?  Didn’t get enough sleep? Try this.  It will do the trick.  And a little secret: if you keep this in the fridge and apply the eye gel while cool, it feels like a mini-ice pack. Trust us, it feels awesome in the morning. It’s no wonder this was a Details Magazine readers’s choice nominee.


CAMO Concealer:  Guys, we’ve all been there.  We’re feeling awesome, we’re sharply dressed, and yet…we have dark circles under our eyes and a little red irritation from shaving. We love the CAMO (as in camouflage) because it helps us hide those imperfections and gives us just that extra nudge of confidence we need before we go out to rule the world.